Introduction to Contract Drafting

In this workshop, participants learn the nitty-gritty of contract drafting through a combination of lecture and hands-on drafting exercises.

In the first segment of the workshop, participants learn to draft preambles, recitals, statements of consideration, and definitions. As the particulars of drafting these sections are highly dependent on a firm’s style and format preferences, the lecture and exercises are all tailored to be client-specific.

Style and format preferences are, however, not the sole focus of this segment of the workshop. The business and legal ramifications of each section of the contract are analyzed. For example, the pros and cons of detailed recitals are examined, and the danger of inserting dispositive provisions into the recitals is underscored. Similarly, definitions are looked at not only as a means of creating a document shorthand, but also as a standard setting device.

The class then examines the proper use of various verb forms in representations and warranties, covenants, conditions precedent, and boilerplate provisions. This discussion includes

The workshop concludes by teaching participants the proper way to draft signature lines for individuals, corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies.

Course Time Approximately 3 hours

Cost Available upon request

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