Contract Drafting Courses

Tina Stark’s teaching philosophy is that contract drafting cannot be taught solely as a series of abstract principles of style and grammar. Consistent with this philosophy, her workshops emphasize the nexus between the business deal and the contract. Wherever possible, she demonstrates how the drafting of a provision affects the business deal -- whether by giving one party an unintended advantage or by creating an ambiguity where clarity should prevail.

All drafting workshops combine lecture with hands-on drafting exercises. None of the classes requires any preparation or homework as the participants do all their work in class.

Each of the workshops is independent of the others. The two workshops most appropriate for new and junior associates are Translating the Business Deal into Contract Concepts and Introduction to Contract Drafting. If a firm wants to schedule both of these programs, Translating the Business Deal is the better program with which to begin. It provides a base on which the Introduction to Contract Drafting workshop builds. The audience for Advanced Contract Drafting, Adding Value to the Deal, and Contract Analysis are mid-level to senior associates, although more junior lawyers often take-away a great deal when they attend these workshops. The workshop on boilerplate provisions is appropriate for all lawyers, including partners.

The number of participants who may attend a workshop is unlimited.