Due Diligence Workshop

Although due diligence is one of the first tasks that new transactional lawyers often perform, they are generally ill-prepared for this assignment. The goal of SLE’s due diligence workshop is to accelerate the learning curve of neophyte transactional lawyers to enable them to conduct a sophisticated and efficient due diligence investigation. After this workshop, participants will know the following:

This workshop is interactive. Participants assume the role of counsel to a buyer and engage in a simulated due diligence review of a target company. To do this, participants review documentation and answer questions that explore various due diligence issues. Among the documents that participants review are a due diligence checklist, charter documents, minute books, and material contracts.

Course Time Approximately 3 hours

Cost SLE’s fee, plus workbooks to be purchased from ALI-ABA. SLE’s fee is available upon request.

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