Credit Agreements and Financial Statement Concepts

In this workshop, participants analyze the most common accounting and financial issues that arise in drafting and negotiating credit agreements.

In order to make the workshop as practical as possible, SLE uses a client’s credit agreements as source material. For example, the workshop’s section on cash flow ratios begins with a brief lecture explaining the purpose of each ratio and how it is calculated. Participants then parse the relevant provisions in the client’s form of credit agreement and analyze the business reasons that the agreement’s definitions for the ratios deviate from the standard GAAP definitions. Participants can also compare the first draft of an agreement to the final draft to show how the provisions evolved during the negotiations.

The advantage of this documentary approach is two-fold: participants can see the financial concepts in context, and they learn them how to negotiate these provisions on behalf of their client, whether lender or borrower.

A detailed outline of the topics covered in a typical workshop on credit agreements is available upon request. SLE will, of course, tailor a workshop to reflect a client’s agreements, practice, and topic preferences.

This workshop is appropriate for lawyers who have a basic understanding of financial statement concepts.

Course Time Approximately 4 hours

Cost Available upon request

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