Ethical Issues in Transactions

Transactional Training Resource Guide
Tina L. Stark © 2017
Emory University School of Law, Professor in the Practice of Law and Executive Director of Emory’s Center on Transactional Law and Practice

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Joseph L. Badaracco, Jr.

A Quiet Voice Emerges from the Enron Din

Harvard Management Update (April 1, 2002).

Joseph L. Badaracco, Jr. and Allen P. Webb

Business Ethics: A View from the Trenches

37 California Management Review 8 (Winter 1995).

Louis M. Brown and Edward A. Dauer

Professional Responsibility in Nonadversarial Lawyering: A Review of the Model Rules

1982 American Bar Foundation Resolution Journal 519 (1982).

Scott J. Burnham

Drafting and Analyzing Contracts (3d ed. 2003).

See index.

Scott J. Burnham

The Contract Drafting Guidebook (1992).

See index.

Lawrence A. Cunningham

Sharing Accounting's Burden: Business Lawyers in Enron's Dark Shadows

57 Business Lawyer 1421 (August 2002).

The author asserts that not understanding basic accounting concepts violates a lawyer's ethical duty of competency.

Wendy B. Davis

An Attorney’s Ethical Obligations Include Clear Writing

New York State Bar Journal 50 (January 2000).

Monroe H. Freedman

Professional Responsibility of the Civil Practitioner: Teaching Legal Ethics in the Contracts Course

21 Journal of Legal Education 569 (1968-1969).

Donald W. Glazer, Scott FitzGibbon, and Steven O. Weise

Glazer and FitzGibbon on Legal Opinions – Drafting, Interpreting and Supporting Closing Opinions in Business Transactions (2d ed. 2001).

See § 1.7.

Thomas R. Haggard

Legal Drafting: Process, Techniques, and Exercises (2003).

See Chapter 5.

David Hricik

Infinite Combinations: Whether the Duty of Competency Requires Lawyers to Include Choice of Law Clauses in Contracts They Draft for Their Clients

12 Williamette Journal of International Law & Dispute Resolution 241 (2004).

Robert H. Mnookin, Scott R. Peppet and Andrew S. Tulumello

Beyond Winning: Negotiating to Create Value in Deals and Disputes (2000).

Chapter 11 lays out suggested answers to some of the ethical quandaries that deal lawyers often face. Available at

James E. Moliterno

Cases and Materials on the Law Governing Lawyers 458-460 (2d ed. 2003).

Morton Moskin, ed.

Commercial Contracts: Strategies for Drafting and Negotiating (2004).

Section 14.03 discusses ethical issues in the giving of opinions.

Ashish Nanda

Ethics in Venture Capital

Harvard Business School (July 31, 2001).

H. Joseph Reitz, James A. Wall, Jr., and Mary Sue Love

Ethics in Negotiation: Oil and Water or Good Lubrication?

Business Horizons (May 15, 1998).

Michael R. Ross

Legal Ethics in Corporate Transactions

CityBar Center for Continuing Legal Education Center (May 28, 2003).

Murray L. Schwartz

The Professionalism and Accountability of Lawyers

66 California Law Review 669 (July 1978).

Tina L. Stark

TLS hypotheticals with answers are available to law school professors upon request.

M. John Sterba, Jr., ed.

Legal Opinion Letters: A Comprehensive Guide to Opinion Letter Practice (3d ed. 2003).

See Section 4.24 for a discussion of ethical issues in the giving of an opinion in commercial finance and banking transactions.